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sterye 2024 boxes

Potential Box Themes for 2024

In 2024, we're looking to release at least 3 new and original box themes. An original Cottagecore inspired box will be dropping in Spring 2024, and we're looking to add a Baddie (hot pink, girly box) sometime in early 2024. The Toybox killer collection is another one we're looking at creating for possibly Summer 2024. Initially each box will start out with a limited number for us to test the popularity and overall demand for these themes. If you ever have any suggestions or requests, send us an email to or dm us here and we'll add it to potential future boxes. 

Cottagecore box dropping in Spring 2024: This will be a box featuring a lot of cute items inspired by the Cottagecore aesthetic. From mushrooms, toads, bunnies, and so much more. We'll be dropping a limited 250 small sized boxes to start out in Spring, and if this box is popular we'll look to add it to our main box roster each quarter with new designs and new items. We're really confident in pulling off an awesome Cottagecore box.

Toybox Killers we're still working on. This one may be dropping in Summer 2024. This box will feature original characters like our OC Buttoneyes. Stuffed animals turned killers. The items will be packaged up in a "Toy Box", and we're looking to have 4-6 original characters made with background stories for the first initial Toybox Killers mystery box.

The Baddie Box is a hot pink, girly box we're looking at dropping in Spring of 2024. Lots of cute girlie items, stickers with phrases, cute accessories, and so much more. We'll have more info on this one soon.


and of course, our Horror Valentines boxes that will be dropping on January 19th, 2024. You can't miss that one.