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How to Refer a friend:
Step 1: Click the "Rewards" tab at the bottom left on our homepage
Step 2: Enter your email address
Step 3: Go to your email and you'll receive a link to sign in to our Sterye Reward program
Step 4: After clicking the link, it will take you back to our website. Your mystery rewards will be signed in, and you'll see an option to "Refer your friends" at the bottom. Share your URL with a friend you'd think would like one of our boxes!
Step 5: After your friend clicks your link, they'll need to put in their email address to get the $10 off Referral coupon!
Step 6: After your friend uses their Referral code from you at the checkout page, and completes a purchase with the code, you'll receive your $10 Referral code coupon!