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During all of 2022, we'll be doing at least 1 giveaway a month on our Instagram! Each giveaway will feature a different themed mystery box from our collection, and a different winner will be chosen each box :) 

To enter, head over to our Instagram @steryeboxes and see if we have any active giveaway posts going on! We'll usually archive a finished giveaway post, and they run for around 7-14 days. The rules to enter will be on the post! Below we'll have a list of each month and the giveaways that we did for the month, + the winners! 

12 Months of Giveaways Winners + Status!

January - Studio G Themed Mystery Box 

January Winner: @Pchyyzee

February - Horror Valentines Themed Mystery Box

February Winner: @Jenny.Sioata

March - Kawaii Themed Mystery Box

March Winner: @princessauracrystals

April - Chibi Horror Mystery Box

April Winner: @miikastory

May - Chibi Nightmare Mystery Box

May Winner: @axel_patino8

June - Axolotl Mystery Box

June Winner: itz.spooky.mitra

July - Chibi Horror Mystery Box

July Winner: meli_quinn69

August - Ghostface-tastic bundle collab w/ @moontheorystudio

August Winner: s.xoxo4811

September Giveaway - Halloween Horror Mystery Box

September Winner: TBA