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2024 Box Themes

New Year, New Box Themes:

We have a lot of exciting things coming up here at Sterye for 2024. New collections, new items, new merch, and a whole lot more to come. Continue reading for more.

January 2024

Starting off the year, on January 19th at 1pm ET,  our greatly anticipated Horror Valentines collection will drop. These boxes will feature our very own, Sterye exclusive Valentine's Horror Artwork and Designs.
Since we've sold out of these each of the last 2 years, there will be a limit of 2 boxes per person for this year's drop. There will be 1 size at $100 per Box, which will come with over $175 of items based on our retail value of the items inside. These will come with both a 40-oz tumbler, a new shirt, along with a bunch of awesome other items. Oh, and we can't forget the complimentary rose, either.

Spring 2024

Coming early this year will be two new, completely original boxes. Filled with a plethora of exciting items, and merch, themed to the max!
Enjoyer of cute animals, cute mushrooms, rural life, and cottages? Stay tuned, as come March we might have just the box for you.
or if you are like us and know that everything is better in Pink, then stay tuned in April
Posted January 3rd, 2024.