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7 Reasons why you won't want to miss our new Horror Subscription Box

7 Reasons why you won't want to miss our new Horror Subscription Box

Reason 1: If you're a horror fan, this is like getting a birthday box each month. With items you'll actually like.

Reason 2: 6 fleshly---freshly designed items will be in each box, unique exclusive items you've never seen before all related to the box theme.
Reason 3: Your favorite horror characters and original characters will be making appearances in these boxes. 
Reason 4: It's super easy to manage your subscription. You can easily do so just by clicking the profile page and "Need help accessing your subscriptions" or by signing in. Subscriptions renew the 1st of each month and secure you that months box theme, and they can be paused and resumed whenever, or canceled. You can also skip a month if you don't think that months box is for you.
Reason 5: A creative new horror theme will be designed monthly to give you an idea of what to expect for that months box. For example, this months theme is Horror Movie Nights and next months box is The Slasher. Designs, characters, and the collection of items will be curated around their theme and the season giving you a unique unboxing experience.
Reason 6: Subscription boxes are cheaper than one-time purchases, and way cheaper than all the items separately. All the items in a box could be $93 (based on our retail value for the items inside), but just $45 for subscribers and $50 for one-time purchases. 
Reason 7: We'll have a dedicated page to be able to track when boxes are going out. Currently Horror Box 01 - Horror Movie Nights (which is awesome btw) will be expected to ship in late June. It'll take us 2 months after the initial 1st of the month to design, make, and package + ship a box. This allows us to keep the quality of the items high, and make sure the design is amazing.
One more thing-- we are testing this model out over the next 6-12 months. If it's a hit over our usual seasonal horror boxes we'll keep expanding on them! If you're waiting to see what the first box looks like, we'd suggest getting it if you've enjoyed one of our boxes before. We won't have previews of it up until everyone gets it in around a month and a half.
Reminder-- don't forget to choose your shirt size as a shirt is a possibility in future months!
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