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The Horror Box (subscription)

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Horror Box 03 - The Monsters Box

(Orders in July will get this box, expected to ship early to mid September)

This months box is dedicated to some of our favorite monsters from horror movies, folktale, stories, and 1 of our original characters. 

The anticipation is over for our limited edition Horror subscription box. Immerse yourself into a new world of Horror with a flesh--ahem-- fresh 6 item collection curated around the theme of the month.

Please keep in mind every Horror box may take us around 2 months after the 1st of each month to ship out as we need time to design, make, and package for that month's box subscribers. 

Although T-shirts won't be in every box, it is required to select your t-shirt size. We use unisex t-shirt sizes.

*Discount codes cannot be applied on subscription items*

How does this subscription work?

  • Subscription are charged monthly starting at $45 per month, with options for one-time purchase pre-orders on separate page.
  • Themes and collections are curated monthly, but boxes are shipped approximately 2 months after initial subscription month due to design and production time.
  • T-shirt sizes must be selected, though not every box will include a t-shirt.
  • Each box comes with a 6-item collection curated around the theme of the month subscribed in

Subscriptions renew monthly, but it takes 2 months to get a box?

We understand the 2 month wait might raise concerns, but each item is very thoroughly curated and crafted around the horror theme of the month to bring an unforgettable experience out of each box. Quality does take time, and our commitment ensures we put out the best box possible. Subscriptions do renew monthly, and they secure you that month's theme. Lets say you started a subscription May 30th, and it renews 2 days later on June 1st. You would get May's box theme: Horror Box 01 - Horror Movie Nights, and June's box theme: Horror Box 02 - The Slashers. 

Rest assured, we keep you updated every step of the way. Since you'd be charged 1-2 times for your 2nd and 3rd month boxes before receiving your 1st box, if you dislike the 1st box and would not like any further boxes let us know and we can have them cancelled and refund the 2nd and 3rd boxes for you if you were charged for them.

At any time during this subscription as long as your order hasn't been shipped, we can also have it cancelled for you if something comes up and you change your mind.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We keep you informed every step of the way with regular updates on shipping times, ensuring transparency throughout. Should you ever have concerns, our flexible cancellation policy allows refunds before shipment, and damaged items are promptly replaced upon notification.

Prepare to be thrilled. Subscribe today and experience horror like never before.


Estimated shipping times

Horror Box Subscription Shipping Schedule

Last updated 7/18/24

Subscribers in the Month of May receive:

Horror Box 01: Horror Movie Nights

Theme: Horror Movie Nights

  • Shipping Date: These are packaged and shipped 7/10/24, however, due to Hurricane Beryl some packages shipped by USPS are experiencing delays. 90% of these have been delivered as of 7/18.
  • Estimated Delivery Date: within 7 days of shipping

Subscribers in the Month of June receive:

Horror Box 02: The Slashers

Theme: Some of our favorite Slashers

  • Estimated Shipping Date: 8/10-8/15
  • Estimated Delivery Date: within 7 days of shipping

Subscribers in the Month of July receive:

Horror Box 03: The Monsters

Theme: Some of our favorite Monsters from movies, stories, and folklore!

  • Estimated Shipping Date: 9/1-9/8
  • Estimated Delivery Date: within 7 days of shipping

Subscribers in the Month of August receive:

Horror Box 04: TBD

Theme: TBD (Keep garlic handy for this one...)

  • Estimated Shipping Date: 10/1
  • Estimated Delivery Date: within 7 days of shipping

Subscribers in the Month of September receive Box 05

Theme: TBD

  • Estimated Shipping Date: 10/24
  • Estimated Delivery Date: within 7 days of shipping

Subscribers in the Month of October receive Box 06

Theme: - TBD

  • Estimated Shipping Date: 12/1
  • Estimated Delivery Date: within 7 days of shipping